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8 Best English Saddle Brands – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Are you looking for English saddle, but you do not understand what brands are better for you! Here I am talking about some top of the best brands on the market, which consists of high-quality materials and provides comfort and safety.

English saddles are designed to allow a rider to stay balanced, and it includes saddle for all English riding disciplines.

It is a critical term to choose the right sized saddles for a rider and horse. It is necessary to understand what saddles are right for them.

Best English Brand Saddles Comparison Chart

8 Best English Brand Saddles with Reviews

  • Kavallerie
  • Impact Gel
  • Dover Sadderly
  • Circle Y
  • Ace Rugs
  • Colorado Sadderly
  • Trail Max
  • EquiRoyal

1. Kavallerie


Kavallerie made for horse’s comfort, protection, and dynamic performance. It is a Premium World Class Equestrian Gear which shaped for their horse and used for sport.

It also uses Kavallerie Gear. It provides dynamic performance when your horse receives protection and comfort.

Kavallerie provides high-performance by developing their materials. It also strives to exceed the expectation of all riders. 

It includes cutting edge technologies for decades and suitable for horse games.

Kavallerie saddle pads are designed with comfortable air mesh fabric and a unique airflow gel construction. The gel hole system keeps the air circulating around your horse’s skin.

2. Impact Gel


The Impact Gel is the best technology on the market that is temperature resistant and environmentally friendly.

It is a small, proud company that makes useful products with gel blend. These company located in the small town of Ettrick, Wisconsin. 

This comprehensive product delivers unmatched performance and comfort to both the horse and rider. It keeps animals fresher, longer, and perform better. 

Impact Gel improves the quality of your ride by providing protection and comfort. It exhibits incredible shock absorption properties, and energy flows horizontally through the gel.

3. Dover Sadderly

Dover Sadderly provides facilities for horse tack, riding apparel, stable supplies, horse care, and more.

It is the largest omnichannel marketer of premium products in the United States of America. It has a large brand in the English-style riding industry. 

This company offers a comprehensive selection of products required to own, ride, train, and compete with a horse.

It provides the highest quality products for English style riding and includes premier brands. Also, check our articles on the top dressage saddles.

It offers the largest selection of expensive and semi-expensive products in the industry. This company has 38 years of experience in the equestrian business. 

4. Circle Y


Circle Y is one of the most of America’s leading well-known saddle brands. This is a lightweight trail saddle that reflects the current trends and is ahead of the industry in technology. It provides comfort for both rider and horse. 

The Circle Y started their saddle business in 1960 in the small Texas town of Yoakum, and it still located there. It produces high-quality saddles and tacks with the heritage.

Circle Y is sold through a network of authorized dealers.

5. Ace Rugs


Ace Rugs provides you the best quality available at a reasonable price. It provides multiple D-rings that are great for attaching saddlebags. These company includes secure and comfort balanced seat with concealed knee rolls.

These companies’ products are loaded heavy-duty buckles with rollers. It provides a deep leather seat. And tack starter package set.

6. Colorado Sadderly


Colorado Sadderly first introduced in 1945, which built on unique leather, and it has everything that a cowboy is looking for.

It is designed to perform to its low cantle, deep seat, micro-adjustment stirrups leathers, and more. Colorado Sadderly provides the highest quality at affordable prices for the working cowboy.

It provides comfort for both rider and horse. Elk Mountain Trail Special Saddle is one of the best saddles manufactured by this company.

7. Trail Max


Trail max complete medium system includes horn and saddlebags. These saddlebag systems are ideal for overnight trips or long trail rides.

It provides durable, secure, and roomy enough to store everything.

These are loaded with pommel pocket, horn bags, and cantle bags. It contains thick leather, duck canvas, lid, and bass hardware.

8. EquiRoyal


EquiRoyal built-in English saddle for an affordable price. These saddles, like the EquiRoyal comfort train saddle, designed for long-lasting performance and long-distance riding. It also includes the all-purpose or dressage models. All products covered by the Equestrian collections, and it is fit.

These company provides an excellent quality at a moderate price. It contains a unique panel design ensure proper fit for saddle horses.

There are some other brands like Derby, Weatherbeeta, Challanger, Ecp equine, Henry De Rivels also provide high-quality, fit, comfort, and these are suitable for your horse.

Types of English Saddles

English saddles are of many different types. Like

Dressage English saddles

These types of saddles are designs to aid the rider throughout their flatwork. It has a very straight flap and a deeper seat than other English saddles. The position of the seat also aids in a long leg position, and it allows the rider to communicate their mount.

Close contact saddles

close contact saddles are specially made for a jumper rider. It keeps a rider as close as possible to a horse’s movement. It has a minimal knee block, and its flap is more forward than other English saddles.

All-purpose saddles

It is designed for all types of English riding, and it includes trail riding. These types of saddles are used for jumping and flatwork.

It provided a deep seat and became more popular day by day with some people for starting younger horses.

Eventing saddles

These type of saddles have a deeper seat and a big knee roll which provide more stability than other English saddles.

Endurance saddles

These types of saddles typically contain additional d-rings to allow the attachment of various items. It is lightweight and built for long-distance riding.

These type of saddles provides comfort for both rider and horse. This type of saddle stirrups is designed with a wider tread. The seat is often padded or quilted.

Pony saddles

These type of saddles are easily fit on the stockier body of a pony. These are made of leather and synthetic materials. It also fits the tiny seat of a child and offers an inexpensive entry into the sport of riding.

Racing saddles

These types of saddles are designed for the race horse. This is lightweight and has a very long seat.

It does not interfere with the running horse, and the saddle is flat. It provides very little rider security and designed for racing.

Polo saddle

These types of saddles are designed around the game of polo, and it is flat. It allows the rider a longer leg position, and it participates in a game of polo.


What saddle is better for the horse’s back?

A western saddle uses larger, longer bars than an English saddle.

The best saddle depends on their fits. It is necessary to fit saddle for both rider and horse.

An English saddle fits better than a western saddle.

An English saddle is better for the horse’s back because it fits perfectly than other saddles.

Which is the best saddle bag?

When you go far distances, the saddlebag is a useful term you can easily carry various things in it. It gives you a more pleasant trip. 

I think TrailMax Medium Pommel Bag Combo is the best saddlebag because it includes much storage, and it is suitable for overnight trips or long trail rides.

Is Western riding safer than English?

English riding saddle involves a bit more rein and leg balancing and coordination, so riders can’t feel safe in the saddle immediately. The larger western saddle makes sitting comfortably more straightforward for the beginner and feels more secure.

What is a dressage saddle?

A saddle used for a discipline where the rider sits more straightforward with a longer leg, such as in dressage, has a flap that is longer to accommodate the leg and less inclined forward.

Does riding without stirrups help?

When you ride without stirrups, it can improve your leg strength. This can helps you strengthen your abdominal muscles, as well as your back. These are your core muscles or the muscles in your body’s middle.

Can you wear a pad while horse riding?

If you wear a pad, it is suitable to use those without wings because the wings can rub your groin’s sides and cause sores. Without the wings, the pad won’t be as secure.

What is a good seat in horse riding?

 Sit squarely, with the seat bones comfortably in the middle of the saddle seat and the legs hanging loose on each side. Ensure that you are not slouched to one side and are feeling comfortable.


These are some things to find the best English saddle brands. In this lesson, I discuss some top of the best brands on the market and some other information which will help you to find the right brand for yours.

I think ACE RUGS is the best brand among them because it provides more safety, comfort; it is fit. Most of the customer buying this product and using these products gives good reviews.

Hopefully, see these guidelines now; you can easily find a better brand for your horse.