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5 Best Fly Spray For Horses– Reviews & Buying Guide [2021]

Best Fly Spray For Horses– Reviews

Finally! We find out some quality spray for horses.

So if you want affordable, Eco-friendly, and high-effective products then you will love this distinctive review about best fly sprays for horses.


The conventional sprays have several disadvantages. Most of the case, these items come with an irritating odor.Even these solutions are quite harmful to our environment.

But our recommended products are out of all chaos. On the other hand, you will enjoy its outstanding benefits. Best grazing Muzzle is also very helpful.

So let’s kill all horse flies with these fantastic solutions.

5 Best Fly Spray For Horses Comparison Chart:

5 Best Fly Spray For Horses Reviews:

  • Pyranha Wipe N Spray
  • Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent
  • EcoSMART Horse Fly Spray & Repellent, 24 oz. Ready-to-Spray Bottle (organic horse fly spray)
  • Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray
  • Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses 14-Day Long Lasting Protection

1. Pyranha Wipe N Spray:

Pyranha Wipe N Spray

This model comes with some unique facts. And the most exciting part is it can directly kill the fly (On contact).

You will love its extended period performance. Yes! Its effect can last at least 24 hours.

It can kill gnats and mosquitoes too. This excellent solution keeps your horse healthy and comfortable. Also, it smells nice.

The product includes a vast number of refined chemical ingredients. These are:

  • A. Butoxypolypropylene Glycol: 15.00%
  • B. Piperonyl Butoxide: 1.00%
  • C. Pyrethrins: 0.10%

This brand is pretty reliable to the horse riders.

Besides insect removing: It provides a beautiful coat and gives an excellent shine over the horse body.

You can use it for a long time. And this substance is easy to apply. This is one of the most effective fly repellents.

Special facts:

  • Oil-based product
  • Great shiner
  • Durable

Product details

  • Size: 1 gallon
  • Product Dimensions: 4.5 inches x 7 inches x 12 inches
  • Product Weight: 5 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 7.6 lbs


Q: Is it a water-proof product? Do I need to add mixture?

A: Yes, it is an oil-based product. That’s why the solution never washes away with rainwater. And you do not need to add mixture.

Q: Can I use it for my pet dogs, cats, or cattle?

A: Actually, it is a proven item for horse use. But some users apply it for other pets, and they got positive results.

Q: How safe the item is?

A: This model is 100 % safe and user-friendly.

2. Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent:

Absorbine UltraShield EX Brand Residual Insecticide and Repellent

This model has an excellent sweat-resistant formula. Moreover, it presets you ultra-durability.

Once you apply this solution; it will last at least 17 days!

This model can powerfully repel mosquitos, ticks, gnats, and flies.

You will love its super versatility. Gently apply it on the skin.

Yes! You can implement this product for other pets like a dog or cats. This is one of the top fly protection.

Its active ingredients are:

  • Permethrin: 0.50%
  • Piperonyl Butoxide: 1%
  • Pyrethrins: 0.10%

Also, you will get a pleasant scent. It makes your riding more enjoyable. The included aloe, lanolin, and Absorbine UltraShield EX element make a beautiful coat and give an extra shine.

The bonus is it can powerfully control trick and make the horses more attractive.

It is a defensive product. This model confirms your weather-proof feature.

That means it can save the pet from rainfall and sunshine.
And its provided nozzle makes it an easy applying solution.

Overall, the product is fantastic and trustable for all horse owners.

Special facts:

  1. Trick control formula
  2. Weather-proof
  3. Flexible nozzle

Product details

  • Product Dimensions: 4 inches x 4 inches x 10 inches
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2 pounds


Q: Does this repel vermin?

A: Yes, it is preferable for vermin.

Q: How long-lasting the item is?

A: It can last about 17 days.

Q: Is it water or oil-based product?

A: We noticed that it is a water base model.

Q: Can it repeal bots?

A: Of course. You will love its effectiveness.

3. EcoSMART Horse Fly Spray & Repellent, 24 oz. Ready-to-Spray Bottle (organic horse fly spray):

Significantly EcoSmart is a safe product. Cause, its maximum ingredients are natural.

On the other hand, the provided, chemicals substances are appropriately refined.

That’s why the product is free from side-effect and 100 % eco-friendly. Powerfully, it can kill mealy bugs, flies, insects, etc.

Typically, it is an oil-based item and offers you versatile performance. You can use it for your pet dog, cats, and goats.

The good part is the solution is free from irritating smell. It is very good for natural fly control. It has essential oils.

Moreover, it never contaminates water. That means, also, is safe enough for fish and aqua animals. It works fast. Good for health.

Special facts:

  • Vegan product
  • Eco-friendly
  • Oil-based product

Product information:

  • Product Dimensions: 2.3 inches x 4.3 inches x 10.6 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Manufacturer: EcoSMART


Q: How safe the product is?

A: As its key ingredients are natural, this product is 100% safe.

Q: Do I need to add mixture?

A: Actually, it oil-based item. That’s why it does not requires additional mixtures.

Q: Is it versatile?

A: Yes, you can implement this solution over the cattle’s’ body and for your pet dogs.

4. Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray

Espree Aloe Herbal Fly Repellent Horse Spray

Espree is 100 % irritation-free a herbal spray. Moreover, it has no bad odor.

On the other hand, this prominent model confirms high-effective performance. Powerfully it repeals the flies, mosquitoes, and otter insects.

Furthermore, it provides ultra shine and lasts longer.

Also, it saves your equine from sunshine and rainfall. As a result, your horse becomes healthier, and you will enjoy the ride.

The item is pretty simple to apply and do not require any mixing.

Special facts:

  • A. No mixing
  • B. Includes Aloe Vera
  • C. Reliable and adorable spray to the rider.


Q: Can it keep away, trick?

A: Yes, it can. But it cannot hold more extended period.

Q: Do I need a mixer?

A: No, you do not require adding water.

Q: Is it an oil-based or water-based item?

A: Oil-based

Product details:

  • A. Size: 1 gallon
  • B. Style: Regular
  • C. Product Dimensions: 7.5 inches x 3.3 inches x 12 inches
  • D. Product weight: 9 pounds
  • E. Shipping Weight: 11 lbs
  • F. ASIN: B001FKA4UA
  • G. Product model number: 1004134

5. Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses 14-Day Long Lasting Protection :

Farnam Endure Sweat-Resistant Fly Spray for Horses 14-Day Long Lasting Protection

This model is highly active and long-lasting. Even in the wet condition, it performs well.

The fantastic fact it offers you at least 14 to 15 days flies control guarantee. Moreover, it protects otter insects attack and repeals it powerfully.

It is an excellent shiner too. And it hides the ticks and makes excellent protection against nuisance flies, lice, gnats, etc.
It highly sweats and water-resistant and lasts for a more extended period. Keep a safe distance from the eyes.

Special facts:

  • Sweat-resistant
  • Extremely durable and miracle coat
  • Reliable
  • Hide deer ticks

Product details:

  • A. Size: 32 oz.
  • B. Product Dimensions: 3.4 inches x 3.4 inches x 12.3 inches
  • C. Product weight: 1.5 lbs
  • D. Shipping Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • E. ASIN: B000B6B4VW
  • F. Product model number: 3002431


Q: Is it versatile? Can I use it for my dog?

A: It gives the best result for the horse. But our one client shared his experience. He told us that he uses it for his pets and get a better result.

Q: Can I spray this solution on the yard?

A: No, you should avoid spraying it on the yard. It can kill the grass. Always use it on concrete.

Q: How often should I spray it?

A: You should use it one in a day. (In peak fly season)

Q: Does it has odor?

A: Comparatively its smell is tolerable.

Common ingredients for horse fly sprays:

The most common ingredients are:

A. Pyrethrins:

This element is highly poisonous for flies and mosquitoes. But it is not harmful to plants, animals, and human being.

B. Diethyltoluamide:

This ingredient is another effective weapon against flies. US army invented it during World War 2.

Its excess use can harm the environment and human beings. Moreover, it included yellow die can stain your cloth.

C. Permethrin:

It comes with super stability. This component can directly stimuli the flies nerve system. As a result, you can repeal them quickly.

Homemade fly spray for horses:

With the following ingredients, you can make fly spray at home. These are:

  • White vinegar: 1 cup
  • Water: 2 cups
  • Citronella oil: 50 drops
  • Lemongrass essential oil: 25 drops
  • Peppermint essential oil: 25 drops
  • Lavender essential oil: 20 drops
  • 2 Tablespoons liquid soap.

Yes, this solution will provide you effective results. But it takes a huge time. That’s why I prefer commercial products. Apple cider vinegar is good as well.

Water vs. Oil:

Both of these items have several benefits. Also, you will notice some downsides.

Usually, the oil-based item is more stable and productive. But it attracts dust. On the other hand; the water-based piece helps to keep the horse clean.

But this solution is relatively less stable.

Alternatives of the spray:

You can use a face mask or body cover. But it cannot provide a permanent solution. Moreover, these make become uncomfortable to wear for long term.

Below these factors can consider before purchasing a new fly spray for a horse:


The natural ingredients make your fly spray effective. If you are concerned with good chemicals or want a natural repellent, go for essential oils in the elements. You can consider using organic or natural-derived components that are safe for both animals and our environment.


If you’re treating few horses or regularly applying, you can prefer an aerosol fly spray as you hold down and let it spray. Traditional spray bottles require constant spraying and don’t get used as evenly.

 Horse’s needs

If the horse is suffering from health issues, open wounds have sensitive skin; you should be cautious when choosing a fly spray.

If you have a concern about an adverse reaction, you should consult a veterinarian. Testing a new spray-on small patch of skin first is an excellent way to gauge how it can affect your horse.


You should need to ensure your horse fly spray doesn’t contain any ingredients that should be harmful to your horse.  If you do not recognize any ingredients’ names, make sure to research them and ensure they are truly safe and don’t have any undesirable side-effects that can harm your horse.

Frequently Asked Questions:

​What types of insect pests work for fly spray?

These sprays are repelling and kill all types of flies, like Stable Flies, Horn Flies, Face Flies, and Barn Flies. These are also repelled and kill mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches, and many other types of crawling insects that can invade your horse’s coat.

What Makes a Fly Spray Works So Well?

Insects and bugs use scents to find things. Most odors attract bugs, and some repel them. Most of the fly sprays in the market have food-grade fatty acids that mimic several repellants smells that animals naturally have on the skin. In this way, the fly sprays’ unique formulations used bug’s navigation against itself by overwhelming the system.

What Essential Oils Repel Horse Flies?

Essential oils are effective and considered safe to use when you want to repel horse flies and prevent them from coming into your horses and other animals. These natural ingredients are used in household and skincare products for fragrance and aromatherapy purposes. To reduce flies, check the fly sprays’ ingredients and explore eucalyptus, tea tree, or citronella oils.

Final verdict:

Insects on the horses’ far cause severe disease. So clean it properly. And these sprays provide you the ultimate repealing facility.

You can rely upon the best fly spray for horses and apply it regularly.