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Corriente Saddle Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

If you are looking for Corriente Saddle, then this is the right place for you. in this article, we discuss the Corriente company and some well-built products of this company.

The corriente company stands on the marketplace by their well-made products, and the company is becoming popular day by day. People stand by their side because of their mind-blowing services and high-quality items.

The company is providing service for the last 23 years and makes affordable, durable, and perfect fit products for the riders. Check the roping saddle reviews and barn paint reviews.

Their products are comfortable and prevent a sudden attack when riding. It provides safety for both rider and horse while on a long ride. Endurance saddles are also very good.

The company makes each model according to customer needs. It takes 30-40 days to create a new saddle. English saddle brands are a great choice as well.

In our article, we have reviewed some best products of this company. So do not wait anymore and choose the product according to your needs. Pick a good barn coat for comfort.

Corriente Saddle Reviews and Buying Guide

1. CSR 100 Corriente Team Roping Saddle

The CSR 100 roping saddle is one of the best saddles manufactured by Corriente company. Like all of their products, this one is a comfortable and adjustable roping saddle, as well. It is suitable for long rides. 

This particular model requires low maintenance and suitable for daily uses. The price is not high compared to its quality. It fits perfectly and comes with a latigo, back flank, stirrups, back billits, and off the strap.

The roping saddle is built with a wooden rawhide covered tree. This model takes 30-40 days to create a new model according to your needs. 

It offers adjustable seat sizes like 14″ inch, 14.5″ inch, 15″ inch, 15.5″ inch, 16″ inch, 16.5 inches, 17″ inch, and 18″ inch. So you can easily order the size you need. It offers plenty of space to attach any accessories to the saddle.

Key Features

  • Double Antique Flower Tooling
  • Tooled Stirrups with Buckstitch
  • Custom roping saddles
  • Half Breed Roughout saddles
  • Offer seat sizes 14 inch
  • Gives you plenty of space
  • 5-year warranty


  • Real Wool Sheepskin Lining
  • Hard Seat with Painted Background
  • Background of Flowers Painted Black
  • Buckstitch Border
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Suitable for working rider
  • Low maintenance
  • Reasonable price


· Not a perfect fit for all horses

2. CSY 700 10 Inch Corriente Youth Kids saddle

The CSY 700 youth saddle is a suitable saddle for children. This Corriente Saddle contains 4 Strings and 10-inch size only. It does not offer an adjustable system but fits well for kids. 

It provides a 5-year warranty but does not offer any return policy. It includes a latigo, back flank, stirrups, back billets, and offstrap.

Your child can ride up to 12+ hours every day with this saddle. It can make your horse quick and give your kid an enjoyable riding time. It is only is suitable for little kids. 

Key Features

  • Youth Buckaroo Association Ranch Saddle
  • Available in 10 inches size only
  • Half Breed Roughout kid saddle
  • Contains 4 Strings
  • comes with a latigo, back flank, stirrups
  • Beautiful Brown color youth saddle


  • Comfortable suede seat
  • ideal for long hours of riding
  • comfortable and affordable
  • Built for children with durable leather
  • low maintenance
  • provides safety when riding


  • Not suitable for large horses
  • Not adjustable

3. CSW 400 Corriente Wade Saddle

If you are searching for a lightweight, durable, and long-time riding saddle, then the CSW 400 Wade Saddle is perfect for you. 

This adjustable saddle is comfortable for both you and your horses. It offers an adjustable fit, as well as the different seat sizes starting from 14 inches to 18 inches. So you can easily adjust according to your require seat size.

This model provides an excellent source of durability and long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • Wade Ranch Saddle with adjustable seat size
  • Wild Rose Tooling
  • Drop Plate Rigging with Ring
  • 6 Strings
  • Round Skirts roughout wade saddle
  • Built on a wooden rawhide covered tree


  • Hard Seat
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Comfortable for both horse and rider
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Gives you safe riding


  • Price is high

Buying Guides:

Things to look for when purchasing a new Corriente saddle:


Size is a critical issue while buying a saddle. The Corriente company offers a wide range of sizes. 

You can choose the right size according to your needs. Just like the best barn coats.


The Corriente company makes its saddle at many different prices. Prices depend on quality. I will suggest you make a reasonable budget for a quality product.


High-quality products provide an excellent source of longevity. Make sure that it is durable and offers long-lasting performance.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

What is the gullet size on Corriente saddles?

This company makes all the saddles at the same gullet size. It includes 7 inches gullet size with 90 degree angled bars.

What is the return policy or warranty on your saddles?

Corriente company does not provide any return policy. It offers five years warranty and three years’ intended purpose.

How much time does it take to get a saddle?

The Corriente brand is one of the most trusted and reputed brands available in the market place. It takes to build their saddle up to 30-60 days that depends on style. This company keeps some saddles in stock. 

How much time does it take to get a buckle?

Typically Corriente company takes four weeks to build a buckle.

Which other brands I can consider?

You can also look for ray hunt wade saddle, circle y saddles, and billy cook saddles.

Are Corriente saddles of good quality?

Many people like the Corriente saddles because it comes with decent quality, and they seem to hold up well. It is made in Mexico if you like a non-USA made saddle. These are available at a reasonable price. Corriente saddles are not garbage but it also not top-of-the-line.

Do you buy a saddle to fit the horse or the rider?

It is necessary to fit saddle both the horse and the rider. If your saddle is too small will cause discomfort as you bump against the pommel at every stride. If the saddle is too large, it will have you swimming around trying to maintain your position.

Are synthetic saddles any good?

Synthetic saddles can last for years if they are well-cared for and used gently, but they show wear and tear signs faster than leather ones do. If you want to buy a saddle that goes more extended, you’re better off with real leather. Treat it well, and it can even last a lifetime.

Are old saddles worth money?

If your saddle comes with a low-end saddle or abused it and not cared for the leather properly, you should not expect to get a lot of money for it. Used saddles can sell for anywhere less than 100 dollars, depends on their condition and value.

How do you know what size western saddle to buy?

The seat size on a Western saddle is determined by measuring the saddle from the horns back to the cantle’s top and ranges from 12 to 18 inches. When you sit in a Western saddle, you should be able to fit two to three fingers between the front of your thigh and the fork of the saddle.

How much is a saddle worth?

New saddles can take less than $500, but they are often poor, especially leather and fittings. Custom-made saddles are highly expensive and can sell for thousands of dollars, depends on the saddle’s design and details.

How long does a saddle last?

The most manufacturer recommends changing the saddle every two years. As an example, they referenced the foam in running shoes. Many runners change shoes every six months to a year because of wear.


The Corriente company has become one of the most reputed and trusted company for its service and well-built products. It makes affordable, well fit, and adjustable horse saddles. They are popular for their lightweight western saddles as well.

We think CSR 100 Corriente Team Roping Saddle is the best Corriente saddle because it provides an adjustable seat as well offers many different seat sizes. It provides long-lasting performance and comfort for both rider and horse.