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5 Best Treeless Saddles Reviews [2021]

Are you looking for a treeless saddle?

A treeless saddle is lightweight and comfortable as well when you are sitting closer to the horse. You feel comfortable for your horse’s back.

It is suitable for a horse who is hard to fit. It also eliminates unwanted pressure points. These provide safety when riding like western saddles.

Many companies make treeless saddles available on the market. But it will be challenging to find the best treeless saddles. Our reviews and guidelines will help you to find the right one for your horse.

Best roping saddles are also a good choice. Check our latest endurance saddles reviews.

5 Best Treeless saddles Comparison Chart:

5 Best Treeless saddles Reviews

  • Cashel Soft Saddle G2
  • HILASON 15″ 16″ Classic TREELESS Western Barrel Racing Horse Trail Saddle
  • Tough-1 Eclipse Treeless Endurance Saddle
  • Manaal Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddles
  • ME Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddle

1. Cashel Soft Saddle G2

Cashel Soft Saddle G2

The soft saddle G2 is perfect for everyday use that manufactured by Cashel. This is a compact design and high-quality construction that makes lightweight and flexible saddles.

This particular model is the treeless saddle that is soft and offers long-time performance. It is durable and comfortable for both rider and horse. This soft fleece underside improves your horse comfort. It also uses padded foam for extra support.

This synthetic treeless saddle is compatible with any horse, and you feel better when riding the outside. It includes D-rings, which provides safety when riding. It is affordable and uses synthetic leather so you can clean it properly.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B07CR87HJ2
  • Item weight 8.6 pounds
  • Suitable for regular use
  • include a wither handle strap
  • manufactured by Cashel
  • convenient back D rings
  • High-quality construction
  • Soft Fleece Underside
  • Compact design
  • It is a synthetic saddle


  • Comfortable
  • Have removable stirrups
  • innovative design
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Provides safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable price tag


· Not suitable for all horse

2. HILASON 15″ 16″ Classic TREELESS Western Barrel Racing Horse Trail Saddle

HILASON 15" 16" Classic TREELESS Western Barrel Racing Horse Trail Saddle

Hilason Treeless Saddle is one of the best saddles available on the market. It is a unique design and extremely comfortable for both rider and horse. The company is new on the market, but it provides excellent quality.

This treeless western saddle uses high-quality genuine skirting leather as well made hand-picked from some of the best tanneries. This classic treeless western barrel racing horse saddle is a perfect fit for your horse.

This particular product is a perfect choice for new or young horses or beginners. It is a well-built saddle that keeps the horse energetic for an extended period. The premium quality saddle is suitable for flat-work. 

These lightweight saddles eliminate pressure points more than other saddles. It is flexible and offers long-lasting performance.

Key Features

  • Offers Premium Quality
  • It prevents pressure points
  • Keeps your horse energetic and comfortable
  • intriguing and unique design
  • Hand Tooled Floral Design
  • Matching Front Cinch Straps
  • Allows the horse for free movement of muscles
  • It makes the horse flexible, serene and faster


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Fits perfectly
  • Uses regular western accessories
  • Sharp and quick turns during racing
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • durable


It is expensive

3. Tough-1 Eclipse Treeless Endurance Saddle

Tough-1 Eclipse Treeless Endurance Saddle

If you are looking for a budget-friendly treeless endurance saddle, then Tough-1 is suitable for your horse. It does not take so much money in your pocket, but this particular product does not compromise the quality. It fits well in any horse.

This synthetic suede seats are comfortable and provide safety when riding long hours. It prevents swellings and potential injury when riding. It is versatile and lightweight available in medium and large sizes.

This particular model is designed for long-distance endurance and trail riding. You and your horse feel enjoyable when going far away. That’s why we recommend this in our articles.

Key Features

  • Designed for long-distance riding
  • synthetic suede seat with attached handle
  • Equipped with two D rings
  • No pressure points and rides
  • Allows free movement of muscles
  • Affordable price tag


  • provides safety
  • comfortable
  • lightweight poly stirrups
  • Includes synthetic leathers and stirrups
  • Fits a wide range of horses
  • flexible


·Needs to improve quality

4. Manaal Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddles

Manaal Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddles

This multicolored synthetic treeless English horse saddle is suitable for younger horses that manufactured by Manaal Enterprises. It is made of high-quality synthetic suede material. You can easily clean it and maintain it.

These particular model offers a soft seat as well provides long-lasting performance. It also fits a wide variety of ranges and perfect for a long hour riding without any hassle. You and your horse both feel comfortable when going long-distances.

These English treeless saddles provide flexibility, and you can adjust the horses back. It reduces painful pressure points. The company does not use any hard components to make this beautiful product. 

Key Features

  • ASIN: B07MV5V1NK
  • High-Quality Synthetic Wool
  • broad enough to spread the weight
  • reasonable price
  • comfortable and wide ranges of fit
  • made of synthetic wool
  • perfect for a younger horse
  • easy to maintain


  • reduce painful pressure points
  • allows a better quality of movement
  • long-lasting performance
  • provides safety
  • broad enough to spread the weight
  • lightweight and durable


·Hard to fit

5. ME Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddle

ME Enterprises Multicolored Synthetic Treeless FREEMAX English Horse Saddle

This particular product is made of high-quality soft and washable synthetic materials manufactured by ME Enterprises. The lightweight, soft seat allows easy to cleaning systems when cleaning; you can remove the seat.

It is designed for younger or beginners so that they can move long-distance. 

These particular items provide safety for both rider and horses. It reduces unwanted pressure points as well as allows high comfortability.

This particular product is budget-friendly, so you do not worry about your pocket money. These treeless saddles are an excellent option for many riders and horses. That’s why we prefer this to our articles.

Key Features

  • ASIN: B07JN31HVW
  • Synthetic Matching Girth
  • High-Quality Soft and Washable Synthetic Suede
  • Do not use hard components
  • Detachable Seat with Velcro System
  • softer style padded saddles
  • excellent alternative for hard to fit horses
  • affordable price tag


  • eliminate pressure points
  • perfect for young horses
  • lightweight
  • flexible layers
  • extend movement without restriction


It is difficult to fit

Buying Guides

Below these factors to be considered while purchasing a new treeless horse saddle:


Treeless saddles are available in many wide ranges of rates. Before purchasing a product, you make sure that how much you consider.

We suggest you check the quality because high-quality items are costly compare to other low-quality products.


If you buy a product that does not fit your horse, then it gives your horse painful pressure points.

You and your horse both feel uncomfortable while riding, and it causes injury and other sudden attacks. So it is necessary to choose a product that suits your horse.


High-quality materials made durable products. When you go to long-distance, it is necessary to choose a product that provides long-lasting performance and flexibility.

Synthetic materials

Most of the high-quality materials are consist of synthetic materials. Synthetic treeless saddles are suitable for any horse, and it provides safety when they go far away.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a pad under the saddle?

The synthetic treeless saddle is used under this saddle, which is very soft on the back of the horse. So you do not need any pad. 

Does it come with girth?

The treeless endurance saddle does not come with any girth.

What is a pleasure saddle?

Pleasure saddles are designed to enjoy both rider and horse.  These saddles come with the idea that you will be spending hours in the saddle. They are made to be extremely comfortable. The saddle seat is heavily padded for hours of enjoyment in the saddle.

Are hard seat saddles comfortable?

If your ground seat fits correctly, a hard seated saddle is much more comfortable and allows consistency over the saddle’s life.

Can you use a roping saddle for trail riding?

You can use an all-around saddle for ranching, roping, barrel racing, trail riding, and more. These come with a stout and robust horn, so you can

use a roping saddle for trail riding.

How heavy is a horse saddle?

Most western saddles weigh about 35 to 40 pounds. English saddles are very light, it can be 8 to 10 pounds, and some Western saddles can weigh up to 50 pounds.

What is the difference between a roping saddle and a trail saddle? Barrel racing saddles are designed to be as light as safely possible. Trail saddles are more lightweight than ropers and have many D rings or saddle strings for people to carry on trail rides. A roping saddle comes with a rawhide wrapped tree, which makes it a lot stronger.


Treeless saddles are made of wooden or synthetic materials. It includes a flexible layer of padding. The treeless saddles are suitable for hard to fit.

We think Cashel Soft Saddle G2 is the best treeless saddle available on the market. We like this because it is suitable for everyday use and fits perfectly. These are made of synthetic material, and you can easily clean this.